EMS Portable Mini Massager

EMS Portable Mini Massager


  • Standard Voltage: 220V
  • Application: BODY
  • Size: Mini Portable
  • Modes: 8 Different Modes

Reason: Best EMS Portable Mini Massager Price in Pakistan

Modes: Having Different modes according to body

Usage: Widely used and easy to operate for any one

Size: Having small portable size easy to use and carry.

Provide In-depth Massage to relax multiple body parts without any side effect. This is most sold Massager that are small in size but with wide variety of modes to use according to the body requirement. You don’t need to go to massage center or any spa, just buy this mini massager and operate it at home at any time. This massager has multiple 8 modes to operate as per the body requirements. This is best for Neck Massage, Arm Massage, Back Massage, Lower Back Massage, Leg Massage, Thigh Massage, Arm Massage, Foot Massage, Shoulder Massage, etc.

This Massager use Electronic Muscle Stimulation technology for pain relief without any side effect. This unique Massager is self-adhesive and reusable with high power battery backup. Best point of this massager is light weight and easy to operate, no need special tanning or special instructions in order to use this. This is small to use any part of the body and easy to carry in your purse, hand bag and even in pocket. This is really easy to carry and helps you to use any time any where. Because of long battery back up you can use it Two and half hour after one hour charging. So its one of the best massager that can save your time and money too.

If you feel back pain or leg pain late night so its difficult for you to go to doctor. But if you have EMS Massager at home you can use it at any time that will be really fruitful and need of every home. So don’t waste your money and time in buying expensive massager, just buy this one and share your experience with us.

This massager is high rated by our customers and shopkeepers because of its effective results and multiple usages. EMS Portable Mini Massager Price in Pakistan


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EMS Portable Mini Massager