Thick Fiber Hair Building Fibers Price in Pakistan


Thick Fiber Hair Building Fibers Price in Pakistan


Give Shiny Look in Seconds

Resist wind, rain and Moisture

THICK Fiber covers receding hairs quickly including colored keratin fibers that gives you natural look in few seconds. It resists rain, wind and moisture for long lasting results. If you want to participate in any event, wedding party or meeting you no need to worry about your hair. Just use this this THICK Fiber and get your result in few seconds. This is temporary solution of your hair for meeting or any special event or gathering.

This product doesn’t have any side effect for hairs. So you can use this hair fibers for quick result that enhance your beauty with more dark hairs. This is the highly demanded thick fiber at cheap price in Pakistan with best customer reviews that give you shiny look in few seconds. Asif Mart’s ultimate priority is customer satisfaction and retention. So don’t hesitate to  place your order now before the product stock-out.

Return Policy: 100% Money-back Guarantee is Available

Thick Fiber Original PictureThick Fiber Result


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Thick Fiber by AsifmartThick Fiber Hair Building Fibers Price in Pakistan
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