Soft Bristle Toothbrush Price in Pakistan

Soft Bristle Toothbrush Price in Pakistan


Soft Bristle

Deep Cleaning

Germs Protection

Healthy Gums

Name: Soft Bristle Toothbrush

This is ultra soft toothbrush that protects your teeth from germs and help deep cleaning for sound health. Normal brushes hurt teeth and cause bleeding but this brush is dentist recommended that prevent bleeding and helps them to stay healthy for longer period of time.

Teeth are the most integral part of the face and also helps you in eating. If your gums are not strong enough you can’t enjoy the amazing dishes So, it’s important to protect and take care of your gums. This soft bristle toothbrush is specially designed to protect and helps every human being in enjoying the taste of life. You can deeply clean of your teeth every corner, inner side and also the depth for stronger and healthy gum. 20000 bristle helps deep cleaning for sound health and shining gums.

Top rated and highly recommended toothbrush from dentist is now the demand of every human being. Instead of waiting place your order now and be the part of satisfying customer list. Product material is environment friendly and antibacterial fiber hair + ABS high Light Handle used. Most suitable for people with bleeding and sensitive gums.

Best soft toothbrush


Our teeth whitening gel pen is also available to enhance your beauty.


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Soft Bristle ToothbrushSoft Bristle Toothbrush Price in Pakistan
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