Original BNB Rice Brightening Kit 3 in 1


Original BNB Rice Brightening Kit 3 in 1


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Introducing our Original BNB Rice Brightening Glow Kit at best price in Pakistan. Your gateway ta a luxurious skincare exprience that unveils your skin radiant potential. Start with Rice Facewash, delicately formulated to cleanse and purify, leaving your skin refreshed and prepared.

Follow with our Rice Scrub, enriched with fine rice particles to gently exfoliate, promoting a smooth and revitalised complexion. This dual-action scrub not only buffs away impurities but also deeply nourishes with the natural goodness of rice extract.

Complete your ritual with our Rice Face Mask, a pampering treatment that harnesses the power of rice to illuminate and hydrate. Let the mask envelop your skin, delivering an intense surge of moisture, and leaving you with a luminous, radiant glow. Embrace the ultimate skincare indulgence and reveal your skin’s true brilliance with our Rice Extract Bright and Glow Kit.

Original BNB Rice Brightening Kit 3 in 1 with bar-code at best price in Pakistan that helps to fulfil your skin requirements at cheap price. We also have other beauty items like Sunisa Foundation you can place other of them as well.


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BNB Brightening KitOriginal BNB Rice Brightening Kit 3 in 1