Mini Bluetooth Tracking Device

Mini Bluetooth Tracking Device


Mini Tracker

Use with App

Easy to Use and Carry

Notification Alert

Mini Bluetooth Tracking Device has an app for android and iphone both. The app enables you to monitor your lost items (Phone, Keys, Kids toys, Pets, etc..) Bravo tracker is user friendly and small enough to carry in your wallets. You no need to learn how to use the tracker is that much easy and really in cheap price.

This is one of the best tracking device for wallet, Car, Mobile, Pet, kid, Keys, etc. You can easily locate by using your mobile. It has the beep sound as well you can easily hear that sound in order to locate that device. Mini Bluetooth Tracking Device is easy to carry even in pocket or wallet. This mini tracker is easy to use and locate missing items. So don’t buy heavy one for normal things just buy this one and live tension free life.

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Mini Bluetooth Tracking Device
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